Taliban take 10th Provincial capital as the US intelligence fears Kabul could fall within 90 days

Taliban take 10th Provincial capital as the US intelligence fears Kabul could fall within 90 days

What's the situation on the ground? The T-ban have now taken over Ghazni city which means they've now taken 10 out of 34 provincial capitals and continue to fight in more provinces.

US intelligence officials have said to Reuters that the capital Kabul could fall within 90 days. It could be much sooner than that considering the pace at which cities are falling and the number of troops and militias that keep surrendering and putting military equipment in the hands of the T-ban.

The governor of Ghazni city also surrendered to the T-ban today and he was given safe passage out of the city. However, he was arrested by government forces on his arrival into gov controlled area.

In other areas in Herat for example, there is intense fighting going on, Ismail Khan's militias continue to hold on despite T-ban making their way into the city, and many troops continue to surrender or have tried to escape in other areas and have been ambushed.

While the war rages on across the country, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been forced to flee their homes and find it difficult to find a safe place to be. Many have made their way to Kabul setting up tents wherever they can. I was listening to a mother giving an interview and despite their terrible circumstances, even in the camps she said they're harassed by thugs and perverts.

While many civilians are forced to flee, some remain behind in their homes and some are caught in the conflict, injured or killed in cross fire or airstrikes. The Afghan government I read earlier today are now prepared to sit down for a deal, some kinda "power-sharing agreement" with the T-ban. However I very much doubt the T-ban would agree to that.

The best thing to end the conflict would be to sit down at the table and talk peace between both parties. It's quite late now but it could still save a lot of lives.

Keep the people of Afghanistan in your Duas.
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