History repeating itself, Taliban are at the Gates of Kabul

History repeating itself, Taliban are at the Gates of Kabul

Taliban negotiators are at the Presidential palace to negotiate the peaceful transfer of Power


History repeating itself. This is Kabul LIVE right now from the US embassy. Multiple chinook and blackhawk helicopters are flying to and from the US embassy as they try to evacuate all their staff. Smoke also coming out of the embassy as they destroy computers and burn sensitive files.

The TB have surrounded Kabul city which is the only remaining major city in government hands. The TB released a statement just recently saying they've instructed their fighters not to enter the city and not to fight in the city, and that there will be talks and negotiations for a peaceful transition of power.

They've taken most of the recent provincial capitals without a fight. Such as Bamyan which people thought there would be resistance, but they just walked into it overnight and also Jalalabad. Things are moving very very fast.

Afghanistan president is expected to resign and to peacefully transfer power to an interim government. TB negotiators including some have arrived in Kabul for negotiations.

TB released a statement this mornring, and have sent out direct messages to their fighters too to not enter the Kabul city and to not fight in the city, and to remain at the outskirts. In the statement, they also made a few promises.

- They do not intend to take revenge on anyone
- All those who've served in the military or in the civil sectors in Kabul administration will be forgiven and safe
- No one will be retaliated against
- People should remain calm, stay in their homes, and that they would not harm anyone

Interesting... But one dangerous factor we have is that even if the Afghan government resigns and transfers power, we have militias in the capital which the government has no control over. In other provinces, they have laid down their weapons so the hope would be that they would follow the decision of the government so that we don't have bloodshed on the streets of Kabul.
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