Fahma Zakir Hussain, Hope of bring Home the Gold

Fahma Zakir Hussain, Hope of bring Home the Gold

With the Olympics taking place at the moment, we're cheering on all those who have taken the Lion Flag to Tokyo,

all those who have put in years of effort into getting where they are now and representing the country at the highest order. Kudos to all of our champions -- because they ARE all champions, whether they bring back medals or not, we celebrate them.

Closer to home, 19 year old Fahma Zakir Hussain is preparing to leave for Lahore for a Knockout Kickboxing Tournament where she will represent Sri Lanka.

As a Sri Lankan myself, I couldn't be prouder of this young sister who is breaking glass ceilings in pursuit of her dream.

I couldn't be prouder of this inspiring young woman who continues to break through barriers. Lots of people have said, and continue to say, that hijab will be an obstacle to achieving your dreams.

People like you, Fahma, continue to prove them wrong. Girls like you remind us all that you need not compromise on your values or your religious identity in order to achieve your dreams.

As Sri Lankans, let us support our sister, let us witness the victories she promises to bring to our nation.

Fahma Zakir Hussain, I hope you bring home the gold.
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