A.M.M. Anwar Hajiar

A.M.M. Anwar Hajiar

The death of Alhaj A.M.M. Anwar after a brief illnes at the age of 65 was a great shock to his friends relations and neighboars.

He was popularly known as "Anwer Haji" who had spent most of his life time in tabligh. His contribution and services to the All Ceylon Tabligh Jammat was immeasurable. Anwer Haji was one of the Shura jamat members, who met every evening along with leading Ulema's (Theologians) to discuss day to day activities of the Tabligh Jamaat.

Though he had moved with great people he never lost the common touch. Another good feature in him was that he remembered everyone who came in Contact with him whether one is an affluent or not such was his quality which is rarely seen in man today.

He was a guide and astute worker. He was unassuming and possessed humane qualities. qualities which earned him a place in everyone's heart for his advice to the tabligh workers.

As a strict disciplinarian and devout Muslim, Jamaat brothers always sought his mashoora (opinion) which he imparted without any hesitation.

In the path of Allah he had widely travelled and covered most of the coutntries in Europe, Middle East and Far East. The first Jamaat he led was in 1961 to Middle Eastern countries. Soon after the 1996 Puttalam ijitima he led a Jamaat to Surinam where he spent two months. That was the last journey he undertook before the final call he received from Almighty Allah.

As far as Dawaath efforts of Anwar Haji is concerned it has brought tremendous result to the Musims of Sri Lunka in particular and others in general. He had been a tower of strength to the workers of tabligh Jamaat. He had heen on the forefront of all Ceylon Tabligh Jamaat since its inception in Sri Lanka from 1955. He was one of the fortunate members of the Tabligh Jamaat to meet the then world Tabligh Jamaat Amir (Leader) Marhoom Muhammed Yousuf Rahmatullahi Alahi along with another distinguish servant of Islam Marhoom Haji Uvais in 1961.

His participation in the Tabligh Jamaat from the grassroots level has produced eminent personalities in the Dawaa work. He worked closely with the then All Ceylon Tabligh Jamaat Amir Marhoom Haji Haniffa Rahamatullahi Alahi who was widely respected in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

He was one who rcognised his obligation towards the Muslim community, He played a significant part in the All Ceylon Tabligh Markaz in conducting various programs for the karkoons (Tabligh workers). He always remained calm and quite but whenever he started preaching he amused the audience.

Anwar Haji had travelled every nook and corner of Sri Lanka in Tabligh Jamaat expounding the teachings of Islam.

From the time his admirers came to know of his untimely death all flocked in large numbes from different parts of the Island to pay last respect to this doyen of Negombo. Undoubtedly his death created a great void which is difficult to fill for a long time. His absence is highly felt today in our gatherings. Everyone of us enjoyed his address which is known as "Ravani" to send off Jamats to several parts of the country.

M.Fowzul Aleem Farook

Daily News, Monday October 13, 1997

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