Why Muslim women are not allowed to go to mosque?
That's what a lot of people ask me!
If we can go to temples, kovils, Catholic churches, then why can't you go to church?
Big question! What's the reason?

Here is what happens
First of all let us know these reasons!
Muslims do not worship idols. Worship is all about faith! So there are no idols to worship inside the mosques. But when it comes to religious observances, there is a direction in the mosque, on the street, at home. We call it the Qiblah. The Qibla is in the direction of Mecca.
So we turn in that direction and perform religious rites.

The other thing is that we must perform religious rites five times a day. We worship God just as the Buddha lights the lamp in the morning and evening, and the whole family stays together and chants. It is called Salat.

Five times a day,
* In the morning (before sunrise) #subah
* Noon #Luhr
* Evening #Asar
* #Mahrib at sunset in the evening
* Night #Isha

That's how divides the five times
Now let's get to the topic of why these Muslim women do not go to mosque. We are not barred from going to mosque. We have a chance to worship five times at home. But not coming to the male side. They must go to mosque.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. There really is not enough time for homework!

When we travel a long way, we go to a mosque on the way to worship. There are no restrictions.

Throughout the month of Ramadan, people attend special sermons and religious services at night in mosques.
I also go to church in the morning on New Year's Day. During the menstrual period we cannot go to mosque or perform religious rites. At that time we are exempted from the responsibilities of performing religious rites.

If you go to mosque on New Year's morning and perform those religious rites, you will feel that you are New Year. Because the whole village. Because a bunch of relatives meet that day. Because we forget all our anger and join hands and reunite. But for women, menstruation is a beautiful day. So many mosques now hold religious services on New Year's morning in the yard. That's the direction I said earlier. Then those women can attend New Year's Eve sermons and celebrate the New Year, even if they are not religious.

One part of the mosques has been set aside for women.

We can go to mosque and worship at any time if we have the ability!
But now all of us women in the society are accustomed to doing religious work at home. Because it's easy for women!

But it must be hit at least once. If there is no mosque nearby, one has to find the direction of the Qibla and worship. So, when it was time for worship when I was in Qatar with my husband, everyone got together and worshiped like that in the park, on the beach.

People from all walks of life are equal when they worship at mosque. Everyone stands shoulder to shoulder together and performs religious rites!

Ah, one more thing, it is a lie that pagans cannot go to mosque! Visit our mosque at any time. But there is nothing special to see inside the mosque.
An empty palace..! 🌟🌙

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