BIOGRAPHY OF BILAL (R.A) (May God Be Pleased With Him)

BIOGRAPHY OF BILAL (R.A) (May God Be Pleased With Him)

Biography of Bilal (R.A) Bilal (R.A) was a Negro slave from the Abyssinian country. Who was addicted to some peritoneal fruit. The master of Bilal (R.A) was Umayya bin Khalaf. He belonged to the Banu Jumah dynasty. Bilal (R.A)'s father's name was Rabah. His mother's name was Hamama and she was also a slave.

 Bilal (R.A), who was a slave, was herding camels. Bilal (R.A) was one of the people who wholeheartedly accepted the monotheistic policy of the Prophet (PBUH) (Peace Be Upon Him) when he introduced it to the people who were steeped in the many deities, clergy and individual worship that were prevalent in the Arab world of that day. The plight of those who accepted the monopoly that could be counted on the fingers of one hand was abysmal. Were subjected to the cruelty and torture of the conspirators.

The affiliates of Makkah did not hesitate to persecute Condor in the face of the unification of the monotheism, the practice of individual worship, and the clergy's. They tortured Bilal (R.A) by making him immobile by placing him naked in the firing desert sand and placing a boulder on his chest.

Despite realizing the height of the torture, Bilal (R.A) did not deviate from the monopoly policy he had adopted, even though his physical torture destroyed his body, increased the punishments such as flogging, Whipping and kicking

They said, "Ahadun Ahadun" (Allah is One, Allah is One).

All these punishments and tortures by the conspirators only served to further strengthen Bilal's (R.A) monopoly policy. Abu Bakr (R.A), who wanted to free Bilal (R.A) from being enslaved and thus tortured, asks his master Bilal (R.A) for a price.

For 10 gold coins they sold Bilal (R.A) to Abu Bakr (R.A) Umayya and says in a trumpet (teasingly) that he would have sold him even if you had asked for a gold coin. Abu Bakr (R.A) replied to him that even if asked for 1000 gold coins for Bilal (R.A) I would have given them. Later, Bilal (R.A) was released by Abu Bakr (R.A). Bilal (R.A), who was with the Prophet (PBUH) after his migration to Madinah, was impressed by their practices.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) appointed Bilal (R.A) for the task of inviting people to prayer in the Madinah Mosque. Is such a great status for an anointed slave? We know the first Imam as the Prophet (PBUH) to Mu'addin Bilal (R.A). Bilal (R.A) was one of the Companions who took part in the battle of Badr. They killed Umayyad (former master) Bilal (R.A), a conspirator in the war.

After the conquest of Makkah, Bilal (R.A) was one of the three who entered with the Prophet (PBUH) into the Ka'bah, the Temple of Allah (SWT). Realizing that they are reminded, Bilal (R.A) refuses to say anything. He tells Abu Bakr (R.A) that he is going to Syria to do jihad.

Abu Bakr (R.A) orders Bilal (R.A) to call for prayer. Bilal (R.A) asked, "Did you free us from slavery to seek the grace of Allah (SWT)?" Or do we have to obey your command? They asked. Abu Bakr (R.A) allowed Bilal (R.A) to go to Syria. When Bilal (R.A) reached Syria, he was asked by Umar (R.A) to go and meet him during his reign. They asked to say Adhan (Calling for Prayer) and he said. Bilal (R.A), who was married to a woman of Banujuhra dynasty and a woman named Hindul Kulaniya, had no children.

 In the 70s, they had a natural disaster in Damascus, the capital of Syria. When the Prophet (PBUH) returned from Mihraj, said, I heard your footsteps in Paradise. What good you doing? When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) asked him, he replied, "Whenever I do wudhu, I usually practice 2 rak'ahs (Prayer)."


Wherever Allah (SWT) refers to believing in the secret of grace, it is in conjunction with understanding of good deeds. Do as much as you can. Completely exclude what I told you to avoid. According to the language of the Prophet, the life of Bilal (R.A) was based on the Quran and Hadith. May Allah (SWT) bless us to act in their way and succeed in the Hereafter...

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