The various types of protests that have taken place in recent days, both locally and abroad, against the burning of janasa - which are currently gaining serious international attention - can be observed through the following records (copy attached).

We do not come to argue that these views of those attached below are based solely on the interests of Sri Lankan Muslims. We are not so stupid. At the same time, everyone must accept the fact that the Sri Lankan government cannot easily overcome these.

The regime change in the United States is sure to cause a stir in the world political order. Among them is the US focus on Sri Lanka's pro-Chinese stance. The United States will also raise the issue of janaza burning as a trump card.

It is seen as a paddle available to Muslims who have no choice but to stop the burning of janaza. Not only Muslim countries - but also non-Muslim countries - especially the predominant powers - are pushing against the burning of janaza - paving the way for the burning of janaza as a HUMANISTIC ISSUE beyond racial, religious and border discrimination.

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. The government did not expect such a global issue to take place in Sri Lanka. The report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Alcoholism - which also mentions the violence inflicted on Muslims in the aftermath of the Easter bombings - underscores the need for the government to cover up the issue of Muslims within four walls.

On the other hand, what can the government achieve if it says, "Even if the UN says we will burn the janazas"? As - some may question. But it was the same government that told the international community that we would not bow down - after receiving a copy of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' report - that it had appointed a "NEW GROUP" last week to examine the recommendations of committees appointed to investigate human rights abuses and war crimes. We need to notice.

Why should the nearest government appoint a committee? Why should we bother to figure out what we can implement? In Vadivelu's words, “Building is very srong; Foundation is slightly swell ”to the state.

Therefore, the government would have felt that at some point, the janaza should have become a mess, even if it was in the form of arrogance. We can predict that these international pressures will lead to that.

Not only that, but after the UN Human Rights Council meeting - amid fears that Arab / Muslim countries may tighten their grip on Sri Lanka so far - the government will be forced to come up with a solution to the janaza burning.

But in such a compulsion - to escape it - the government will do whatever it can to use the Muslim MPs in its favor and in its grip. By making concessions and facilities to them - the janaza will keep them from accelerating distractions from the burning issue.

For example, the 20th Amendment was handed over to cover up the betrayal of the community, its leaders, its parties and the people who voted for it by giving it "labor jobs" and "road contracts."

So today it is the Muslim MPs who should be seen as more dangerous than the government - the anti-Muslim racists. Because, what can we meet through international pressure? What have Tamils ​​achieved? Why bother us? We can observe that our MPs have already started asking questions.

Therefore, Muslims can achieve our goal of preventing the burning of our janaza - by doing good deeds, by observing them as well.
Inshah Allah......


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