Money is an important factor in the emergence of problems between husband and wife in different families.

Even in families where there is no problem in making money, there is an argument between husband and wife as to how, what, what, how much and how to spend the earned money.

Husband and wife should avoid talking about money matters when they are in some kind of depression or problems.

When walking with peace of mind or when you are happy, talk about money matters and budget for necessary expenses.

Avoid talking about money matters or money gate as much as possible while the husband is leaving somewhere in a hurry.

Money should always be in the pockets of men and in the hands of women at home. No one knows how the money will be needed at any given time. It is good to have money in both hands to meet such needs.

Women who get married and live in their husband's house do not have to tell everyone in the house that they have everything, no matter how many facilities there are in their birth house.

Speaking like that can often lead to problems. Similarly, women do not have to mention the money and jewelery in the house of their husbands.

Generally all middle class and poor families have money problems.

In this case, the wife does not have to tell her husband about the discussion in the neighborhood or in the house of birth.

Husband or wife should not argue that the way they spend money is the best. The wife should know how the husband spends the money.

When spending money on children or husband or wife's family on a large scale, both husband and wife should talk well about it and think and make decisions. There should never be a situation where you talk like 'I'm unknowingly spending yourself and getting into unnecessary trouble'.

Parents do not fail to keep somewhat mature children close when talking about money matters. They also need to know the economic status of the family. At the same time if there is more money than the family needs, it is not necessary for the children to know. Children have a craving for all things.

They will also ask for items needed. They will also ask for unwanted items. Money is too much for parents and they will start to think in terms of what would happen if they bought all the items. Then they will fight with their parents if they do not buy the items they ask for. So we have to express money matters to the children according to their maturity.

Even if the family has more money than they need it does not mean they have to tell their relatives. It is not right to suggest that the wife give the money to those in her household.

It is better for the husband to keep the money in a safe bank, except to say that he should give it to his family relatives. Saving and spending money without the knowledge of the husband and the husband without the knowledge of the wife can cause chaos in the family.
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