"How can I see my baby burning" Cries of Sri Lanka Muslim Parents

"How can I see my baby burning" Cries of Sri Lanka Muslim Parents

The forcible cremation of a 20-day-old baby infected with the corona virus has caused controversy not only in Sri Lanka but also abroad in recent weeks. Many who heard this were outraged and protested by tying a white cloth in front of the cemetery. Although Muslims continue to demand the right not to burn janazas, the Sri Lankan government continues to pursue the policy of cremating the janazas of Muslims who die of the corona virus.

Shaikh is the (cremated) child born six years after the birth of the eldest daughter of Muhammad Fahim and Fatima Sapna. So they were both very happy.

Fahim says: - "The baby became ill two weeks after birth (on the 7th). So, we were immediately taken to Lady Ridgeway Hospital in Colombo. The baby had a little cold. There was no fever. The child was then treated. The doctors said the baby had pneumonia and tried as hard as they could. The baby was taken for an endogenous test at 12.30pm. The baby was then told the corona was positive. Following this, my wife and I underwent antigen testing. The test report for us was negative. We did not leave home for several days due to the spread of corona infection in Colombo. I did not even go to work. However, I asked the authorities how the baby got the corona and the authorities did not respond.

The authorities told us to go home as no one could stay in the hospital because the baby had corona. They denied that my wife was with the baby at night. Wife returned home crying. The next day (December 8) at 1.30pm the baby was said to have another test. They then made a phone call at 5pm and said the baby had died at 4.00pm. They had not given us any notice until 5.00pm about the baby who died at 4.00pm. None of us were allowed to stay in the hospital. The mother even refused to listen.

When I went to the hospital they asked me to sign. I refused asking for the signature. Are you handing over the child's body to us? I asked. They said no and they were going to burn. The mother who gave birth to the baby did not even see it. I asked how you could burn. They were adamant in their decision not to.

The doctors were the same color who asked me to sign.I asked why you were only going to burn my baby out of 214 deaths in the hospital. For that they called the baby Corona. After that I took the baby to Navaloka Hospital and told him that I was going to have a corona test again. Officials said they would not allow me to be taken to another hospital. I did not sign until the last minute. I don't know who signed it," said Father Fahim.

Minister Keheliya Rambukwella, who contacted the BBC Sinhala News, openly said that this was a brutal act. But there is a custom for the hospital. It is impossible for the authorities to lie to everyone. The father of the child should also be investigated. He noted that a committee should be appointed to investigate the hospital authorities.

"I was just standing outside when the baby was cremated in the cemetery." "How can I see my baby burning?" Says Father Fahim.

Journalist Rekha Nilushi Herath "This is the most emotional story I have ever heard because of Covit 19. It is a very painful thing for a father. He asks why the world is so unjust and why people are so cruel."
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