The reign of second Caliph Umar bin Qattab. The battlefield for the conquest of the Roman Empire is a battle between the Romans and the Muslims. A fierce battle ensues between Iman and Kufr.

The Roman emperor Kaiser marvels at the bravery, courage, resourcefulness, and fighting style of the Muslims.

He employs many ways to humiliate and enslave Muslims. Emperor Kaiser orders the capture of one of the captive Muslims on the battlefield. Abdullah bin Hudaybah Raliallah is a young man who is dragged by an animal with his legs and arms.

Kaiser, who saw the young Hudaybah, wanted to pull him to his side and convert him to Christianity and insult Islam. Words of desire are thrown before him one after another.

If you leave Islam and accept Christianity I will set you free This is Kaiser

Abdullah says it can't happen

I give up half of my rule

Can not! No need to rule belongs to Allah (God).

I will join you in my rule with half of the regime

Can not! Your rule, the rule of your fathers, the rule of the Arabs, the rule of the Ajamis, all given to me, I will not leave my Islam for a moment and convert to Islam, I can not snatch my faith with your words of desire, says Abdullah.

The furious Kaiser yells that he will kill you then.

Kill Abdullah if possible.

At the height of his rage, Kaiser hangs Abdullah upside down on a pole and throws a spear at them in fear. Up still urges him to renounce Islam but Shahadah translates as "Ashhad al-Allah illallah" as one who anticipates the moment when Sahabi (Companion) will be martyred.

Unable to keep him employed and unable to face his defeat, the emperor unleashes him and shouts, "Don't Give him food and water, starve him to death." Put the pork and wine in front of it and eat it if you want to survive and become a saint, says the king. To which Abdullah denies that I will not do this for the pleasure of the disbelievers although my religion has made it lawful for me to eat these in this state in which I am. Concealing his defeat, the king thinks that he should be put to work in a different way and gives him food and water to drink.

The emperor sends Abdullah a beautiful ornament rather than a wave of desire to seduce him. The king orders her to enslave him by your beauty and enslave him. Abdullah is bowing her head not to see her dress up and not to see the magic of tongues. What he's a tree or stone, My body and dance that made so many people radiate but he did nothing, I do not look up, am I beautiful? Girl or boy? He makes me doubt myself, and she leaves the place with anger.

The defeated king shows his face again. Thinks to show the fear of life in the furnace. Abdullah pours oil on a pot of boiling water and throws another Muslim prisoner in front of him. He drowns in it with his martyrdom and leaves Wabatahi. All the muscles dissolve and the bones boil on top of the pot. Abdullah denies that he can be a martyr.

At the height of his rage the king urges him to drag him and throw him into it. He is being dragged away. He feels the heat of the boiling oil of the fire. His eyes glaze over. Do you agree now I will leave you this is the king. The answer is still not possible. So why are you crying and fearing for your life? Asks the king.

Laughing at the king, Abdullah says heartily, "I have only one life, if I had the number lives of my hair on my head, and I am worried that they will not be able to endure this death and be martyred." Hearing this, the king, shocked and defeated, loses hope and thinks of another tactic.

Kiss my head and I will leave you. The king thought that refusing to do so would kill him, but Abdullah himself changed his mind and said that kissing a man's head was not a forbidden act, and if he could save other captive Muslims, would he release not only me but also my fellow Muslim prisoners if he kissed me immediately? As the bargain speaks. The king says yes there is no other way. Do not hesitate he kisses the head Abdullah. Kaiser could not believe it. The change of vote is not beautiful for the king! The king urges the prisoners to be released. Abdullah Khalifa Omar arrives after freeing his brothers from the clutches of Kaiser. Incidents are widespread. Everything else is trivial to us before faith.

Descendants who do not lose faith while burning alive are going to lose faith because we burn bodies. O Allah (God), we leave to you all those who were created from dust and lived in the dust and were buried in the dust .There is no other justice equal to yours. We fully believe that justice that is not available to us here will be available in your community.
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل(God is Sufficient for Us)

❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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