A palm grove in the Saudi Arabia in the city of Al Qassim has more than 200,000 palm trees and is dedicated in the path of Allah (God). There are 45 varieties of dates in this garden, the annual production is 10,000 tons of dates. This garden is the largest Waqf (Dedicated in the path of God) found on earth.

The income from this garden is used for building mosques in different countries of the world, for charitable work and arranging Iftar (Eating after Fasting) in the two holy mosques (Makkah and Madinah).

This garden has been dedicated in the way of Allah (God) by the richest man of Saudi Arabia "Sulaiman Al Rajhi". Suleiman al-Rajhi opened his eyes in poverty, he was studying in school.

One day the school administration organized an entertainment tour and asked each student to give one riyal. He went home but his parents did not have even one riyal. He cried a lot as the date for the tour was approaching.

Then comes the result of his quarterly exams, he grabbed first position in his class and a Palestinian teacher gave him 1 riyal as a reward. He ran to the head of the entertainment program and gave his 1 riyal.

As time goes on, he completed his education and started working. Naming a room in Jeddah as a bank. He started his life as a young entrepreneur with dedication and hard work. Allah (God) blessed his work.

In a short period of time, a network of banks called 'Al-Rajhi' spread throughout Saudi Arabia.

Suleiman al-Rajhi goes in search of his Palestinian teacher, meets the teacher, he is retired, the economic situation is such that it is difficult to light the stove in the house, Rajhi puts his Palestinian teacher in the car and tells him, "I owe you."

The teacher goes on to say, what can anybody owe the poor, Rajhi reminds his teacher that years ago you gave me a reward of 1 riyal, the teacher smiles that now you want to return that one riyal to me?

Rajhi parks in front of a bungalow in front of which there is also an expensive car. Rajhi tells his teacher that the bungalow and the car are yours from now on, we will be responsible for all your expenses.

There are tears in the eyes of the Palestinian teacher.
❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
[Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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