"A pious wife who helps you in religious and worldly affairs, is better than every treasure!"

Suhayla & Farooq

This is a love story, A real love story, An Islamic love story. Yes, love is existent in Islam.

This love story is the story of Suhayla and Farooq. And their story took place during the caliphate of Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (May God Be Pleased With Him). And so their story begins...

Madinah, Suhayla and Farooq were madly in love. They were happy, loving, compassionate and merciful to one another. Suhayla and Farooq had been married for three months when the call for Jihad was made.

Farooq was a healthy, young man which meant that he was fit enough to fight in the way of the Almighty.

Before he left, Farooq left Suhayla with 3000 dirhams and said to her to make do with this amount for 3 months for he'd return before she'd need any more money. He also left a chest containing 30 000 dinars, which was approximately equivalent to two millions pounds today, and asked her not to touch the chest until he returned.

Three months went by but Farooq had not returned. Nine months passed and Suhayla gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. During this period of time she continued to stretch the 3000 dirhams he had left her with.

Many months went by with no sign of Farooq. Two and a half years after Farooq's departure, a man returned from battle. He told Suhayla how he had witnessed Farooq fall on the battlefield.

Suhayla was devastated. She had received the confirmation she had been expecting for a long time. After much thought she opened the chest containing the fortune and began caring for son using the money.

Thirty years went by, in Madinah, Suhayla had ensured her son had received the best education money could by. She kept the memory of her beloved at the forefront of her mind. Her loving husband had died the death of a martyr... her hero. She couldn't adequately express how her love and admiration for him had grown over the years.

She looked back at the moment when he was heading out toward the battlefield, and remembered how he had thought twice about it, being the noble woman she was, she had pushed him to strive for what he believed in. She had said to him "Have you no fear of Allah (God)? Seek Jannah (Paradise) and I shall see you there Insha'Allah (If God Wills)."

Meanwhile, many, many miles away on the outskirts of China, a warrior sat near a camp fire protecting his comrades as they slept. As he took in his surroundings he began to reflect on his life. He gazed up at the starry sky. He contermplated his love for his Lord and his dedication to Jihad (War), when suddenly a thought was ignited in his mind. 

He had been married, decades ago. He wondered what his beautiful wife must have done with her life when he hadn't returned after three months as promised. Did she re-marry? Did she die? His mind was rapidly consumed by a thousand questions. He became overwhelmed with melancholy thoughts, new ideas, nostalgia. 

He was older now. Wiser. He had spent thirty years fighting in the path of the Almighty. He was ready to go home. The next morning his chief granted him permission to terminate his service.

The man headed for Madinah on horseback, the wind rushing through his hair, his purpose becoming more urgent with each step his noble steed took.

His journey took him through Persia, he rode through Iraq, all the while frightened of what he might discover on his return home.

The closer he got to Madinah, his heart raced faster. Thumping, thumping with the thought of his beautiful wife, Suhayla. His mind engulfed with incoherent musings. 

Madinah. When he reached Madinah he wanted nothing more than to run to the place where he and his wife had called their home.

However, he remembered the Sunnah (Prophet Teaching) of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and attended Masjid An-Nabawi where he offered a two-rakah prayer.

After this, he realised it was time for Asr Salah (Evening Prayer). He decided to wait until Asr Salah (Evening Prayer) was prayed in congregation before heading home.

As he waited, he observed the numerous scholars in the masjid. They were surrounded by people, eager to learn from their stories and words of wisdom. Though each of the scholars radiated beauty and elegance, one stood out in particular, Sheikh Abdur-Rahman. The man was in complete awe of this sheikh. He had never seen anybody speak as eloquently as him.

After Asr salah (Evening Prayer), panic and excitement set in again. He rushed towards the home he once knew so well. When he reached his destination though, he saw another man going inside.

Suddenly, a feeling of immense dejection consumed him, quickly followed by anger. He strode towards the man and took hold of him all the while shouting "This is my house! How dare you go inside?" This resulted in malevolent disagreement between the two men.

Before he realised, masses of people were gathered around them telling him to leave the man alone as it was his house. He couldn't take it any longer. He shouted: "This is my house. I am Farooq!"

Inside, a mature woman overheard the feuding outside. Her heart skipped a beat. She wondered "Could be? No it can't be, it just can't."

She put on her hijab and sprinted outside shouting "This is my husband Farooq! Leave him alone! He's been away on jihad (War) for thirty years, only now has he returned."

On hearing this people began to weep. The joy was overwhelming. Farooq and Suhayla embraced. Memories from decades ago came flooding back. They ran inside and spent hours exchanging stories, making up for lost time. They laughed and joked and cried, not fully fathorning what was happening.

"Farooq, I'm so much older than when you left me. I was young and beautiful then, I don't look like that anymore."

To which Farooq replied "To me, you're the most beautiful woman in the world." He had always been in love with her piety over anything else and nothing had changed decades later.

Eventually, Farooq asked Suhayla what had happened to the chest he had trusted her with.

Suhayla replied "Did you go to the masjid?" He said he did.

"Did you see anything interesting?"

He told her about the amazing scholars he saw and how they were spreading their knowledge in the most wonderful way.

"Did you notice anyone in particular?"

He told her how one man had caught his eye above the others. He spoke so eloquently and wisely.

"What would you give to be that man?" 

Farooq told her that he would give anything to be as knowledgeable as that man.

"Would you give 30 000 dinars for it?"

He said without a shadow of a doubt he would pay that sum of money in order to be that educated.

To which Suhayla said "What if that was your son?"

"I would pay even more" was farooq's reply.

"He is your son, Farooq." The most knowledgeable sheikh in Madinah was Farooq's son.

Farooq was astonished, he ran outside telling the entire city that Sheikh Abdur-Rahman was his son.

While Farooq had been away, Suhayla had spent his fortune on providing their son with the best education available.

On seeing each other for a second time, Farooq realised the man he had been feuding with earlier had been his son, the righteous scholar.

Their neighbours celebrated with them, it became a memorable day for those in Madinah. One of those who wept tears of joy in the crowd was the man we famously know as Imam Malik, the student of Sheikh Abdur-Rahman, the son of Suhayla and Farooq.

❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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