A HEART TOUCHING STORY, "A Pregnant Woman Lost Her Life During Her Labour Pain."

A HEART TOUCHING STORY, "A Pregnant Woman Lost Her Life During Her Labour Pain."

A doctor share her experience like this...

Today is the saddest day of my life. As a Doctor, I have handled so many pregnant women in Labour and every time am in the delivery room I always pray to ALLAH (God) to bless all mothers. The pain women go through in the delivery room is undescribable and this does not include the 9 months they spent carrying the baby. They go through a lot just to bring forth new life.

Today I cried bitterly because I lost a woman, we don't pray for things like this to happen but sometimes ALLAH (God) may have other plans.

Why is this woman's case so painful? She has been barren for 14 years! We have tried IVF & so many method known to man, the woman went through a lot. Finally ALLAH (God) blessed her, it was way beyond science and human knowledge. She just got pregnant despite the fact she has ovarian cyst and huge load of fibroids, brethren she got pregnant.

Her fibroid started melting and everything was OK, I know that's ALLAH (God), he will do things just to show off his glory and awesomeness.

After 9 months, it was time, her husband rushed her to the hospital and quickly I left everything that I was doing and attended to her. She laboured for hours, after 7 hours, it was so painful so we decided to open her up. We lost her but the baby was alive,.

Before her death, she held the baby in her arms and smiled "ALLAH (God) is great" and then she gave up the ghost.

I was devastated and sad, I went to broke the news to her husband myself, upon hearing the news, her husband fainted, their happy day just turned sour. We lost a live just to deliver a new life today.

Please respect women because they pass through the valley of death to bring life. Respect your wife! Carrying your baby for 9 months is no jokes and labouring for hours to give birth to your children is a huge sacrifice.

I pray to ALLAH (God) to please protect especially pregnant women, please put them in your everyone, prayers. Dear husband, I repeat respect your wife. May ALLAH (God) strengthen all pregnant women,

Please if you are having problems with your mother and you refused to call her, I beg you to CALL HER NOW...! and love her because since your birth, your mother made you happy without expecting anything in return. May ALLAH (God) give us all the guidance to understand the status of our Mother, Wife and daughter... Ameen...!

❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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