The purpose of marrying a woman is not only to live with her until death, But also to live happily ever after in the Afterlife. But due to the mistakes of some husbands, the wife hates her husband. Sometimes divorce is involved. Husbands sometimes make mistakes Unknowingly. Here are some tips to help you live a comfortable life with your spouse without making mistakes. May Allah (God) make your life Smooth, Better and more Prosperous.

01) Always be with a blushing face when meeting your wife.

02) Do not forget to say Salaam (Greeting) when entering the house. Saying Salaam (Greeting) is not only a Prophecy (Prophet Teaching) but also a prayer you make to your Wife. It will drive Satan (Evil) out of the house.

03) Choose and speak positive good words. It is necessary to keep the tongue. Its evil effects are greater.

04) Avoid negative words. Do not debate. It is like poison to married life.

05) Listen as your wife responds to your words. Listen to the wife's comments.

06) Speak with clear words. If she does not understand, repeat.

07) Call your wife with pet name, beautiful names. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) affectionately called their wife Aisha (May God Be Pleased With Her) The Heroine "Aish".

08) Share good things with her.

09) Talk lively with humor and forget about her problems.

10) Share not only her pleasures but also her sufferings.

11) Help her in caring for the children. Some people are indifferent to the fact that it is our duty and then the responsibility until the child is born. So the wife may hate us and have a child.

12) Take them outside to see things that Islam allows.

13) Help the wife with household chores if she is sick and tired.

14) Do family matters after consulting your spouse.

15) Stay in touch with your wife whenever you are outside. (Via telephone, letter, email, etc.)

16) Give her some of the money needed for family expenses.

17) When you comes back, bring her favorite items.

18) Do not harass your wife by thinking of her as a slave after marriage. Practice closely considering her as your best friend. She will rejoice thinking that her husband is a blessing from Allah (God) to her.

19) Be a role model for her in all things. Behave in a way that she respects.

20) Behave with a giving attitude. Do not argue it is poison to family life.

21) Present beautifully. Try to stay clean. They will increase the love on you.

22) Handle the wife very carefully. She is like a glass character. Her mind could easily be broken.

23) Do not doubt in vain. It will distance you both. Do not scrutinize her grievances.

24) Accept her grievances. Everyone has flaws. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said Women are made of ribs. Its upper part is curved. If it is straightened, it will break.

25) Be generous. Do not behave harsh. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said, "Best man is who is best to their wives."

26) Do not do things in her presence that she does not like.

27) Advise her in private when giving advice. Do not take her grievances in the presence of others. Everyone has flaws. Accept her grievances.

28) Do not be angry in vain. Calm down the anger.

29) Give shocking pleasures. Let's do something she likes the most.

30) Ask her for advice and share your joys and sorrows.

31) Always make it a habit to eat together. Outside of you, if you happen to eat something in the store, go buy it for her as well.

32) Feed her food from time to time.

33) Include her too in the status of yours. You can also make her sit on your horse. It would cool her gut.

34) Don’t let the luminosity fade between the two of you. The effect is dire.

35) Praise her in all good things. Show your appreciation in action.

36) Have a good relationship with her family. Practice respecting them.

37) Praise her in the presence of her family.

38) Reassure her that she is a blessing to him.

39) The two can exchange gifts and presents from time to time. The prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that gifts nurture love.

40) Essentially both should act with understanding of each other. The problem arises when the understanding is misunderstood.

41) Always pray for her.

42) Don’t exaggerate minor issues at all. There is no life without problem.

43) Do not show your wife the consequences of your problems and losses on the outside.

44) Let her know where you are going when you leave home and when you will be back home.

45) Do not threaten her with divorce for all the minor issues in life.

46) Be helpful to each other in the matter of obedience to the Lord (Ibadah). (The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: May Allah (God) have mercy on the husband who wakes up at night to pray and wakes up his wife to pray and if she refuses, he will spray water on her face. And if she wakes up at night to pray and wakes up her husband and if he refuses, she will sprinkle water on his face and prays).

47) Try to do your work yourself as much as possible.

48) Take her home for the holidays according to her wishes and give her permission to stay there.

49) Do not separate the wife for long days, the loneliness of the wife will be a good opportunity for Satan (Evil) to mislead her. We should not look at our wife with suspicion. So you will lose the peace of life. There must be hope. It would be foolish to open all the doors for that. That is, we should not give ourselves the means to betray her trust.

50) We should not be introduced to a wife who is loving to us without the most essential need to be our life partner. So Satan (Evil) is likely to cause chaos.

51) Apply good perfume frequently (without causing headaches). The woman wants to smell good

52) Brush your teeth in the morning, evening and at night. Brush at least twice. Doing so will prevent bad breath when the wife goes to the side and speaks.

53) Be chaste in every way to engage in marital relationship. Remove and clean the hairs on the genitals and armpits, especially once every forty days.

54) Do not forget the duties you owe her. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) asked them: (What are the duties of a husband to his wife? The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: Feeding her while you are eating, dressing her when you wear it, not slapping her in the face, and not insulting her outside the house. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) replied that it is the duty of the husband not to rebuke in front of everyone.)

55) Do not set her aside in daily chores during menstruation as is the practice of ignorance.

56) Compensate for the desire of that beautiful wife who does not know your problem, no matter how tired you are when the wife approaches herself to marry with desire.

57) The wife should rest only after she is satisfied in the marriage. The thrill of fulfilling her desire will be greater for the husband. So, first you have to fulfill her need.

58) Start all things by saying “Bismillah” (In The Name of God). Even while engaging in marriage, one can recite Dua (Prayer) along with Bismillah (In The Name of God). So the unborn child is protected from Satan (Evil).

59) Do not talk less and mockingly about your wife's mother, father, brother, sister, and her family. If you need to point out something that is wrong, take it in stride and explain it lovingly.

60) Talk proudly about her to your family so your family will value her. They will fail to respect her when you mocks her.

61) Take her to a new place at least once a year. Take it outside once a month. Take only things that Islam allows.

62) Go out alone once a week and talk to her mind.

63) Carry clothes, jewelry, and other items needed by the wife with her, Go and buy her a favorite.

64) Go outside and try not to get home late at night. Usually the wife waits without eating until her husband comes home. This is a happiness that is only available to the husband.

65) Do not think that she likes what she likes. She also has a number of desires. Execute it. One of the things you both love about it is the privilege you have.

66) Disagreement is common in life after marriage. If you think you have to win it. Both of you will lose in life. So remain silent despite her comment being erroneous and then indirectly express your opinion on the matter on a good occasion. Because women generally think that what they are doing is right. Possessors. To put it bluntly, anger can sometimes be overwhelming. The effect can even go as far as divorce.

67) No matter what problems you face outside, when you return home, say Salaam (Greeting) with a beautiful smile and enter the house. Hold hands.

68) It is better to act responsibly not only in the case of the wife but also in the affairs of her family after marriage.

69) If you can, buy something for your wife to eat or drink when you returns home.

70) Go outside and eat at least once a week.

71) Listen without denying her desires. If there is a mistake in it, point it out with simple words without delay.

72) Take time to talk to your wife. Go to work in the morning and return home in the evening to eat dinner and not even fall asleep after watching TV. To speak kindly to the wife. Check your health from time to time.

73) When the wife is suffering from headaches, hip pain, leg pain, etc., it is not counted that shes desire must be fulfilled. Instead she should be given relief for her illness. For example, if you have a headache, you may have a slight headache.

74) You can play games with your wife that are allowed in religion. “The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) would play with his wife Aisha (May God Be Pleased With Her). They were two races”

75) It is better to share with the wife about you income and the details of what she spends from it. If your wife is a good person she will be very happy to count it.

76) If you are abroad and your wife is in your home country, it is customary to use a computer to talk to her. Then kindly order not to go to social networking sites for any reason.

77) It is very important for the wife not to praise and describe other men who are our friends. As a result love can turn that page. The effect may be against the husband himself. Be careful about this.

78) Do not tell her grievances to others. Do not tell anyone things that are mainly related to sex. Why not tell friends and parents about her sexual dysfunction. It is a very disgusting betrayal of her. The two can consult a doctor for advice.

79) Tell her the advice you hear, the hadiths (Prophet Teachings), the histories of the Prophets, the good things. Eager to share wholehearted religious advice.

80) Properly hide the wife from others.

81) Wear and buy beautiful clothes that are permissible in Islam.

82) It is not permissible to speak or practice with non mahram (Not Allowed) men who are forbidden. Must be very strict in this.

83) Investigate only for big mistakes. Affectionately tell them not to make small mistakes anymore.

84) Women are more likely to get sick. When they are often weak, they should not be annoyed and say, "You have the same disease, do you have a disease?" Affectionately give her the medicine she needs or take her to the hospital.

85) Before pointing out a mistake he should act in such a way that he sees and understands that it is right instead.

86) Do not scold your wife if the food is too salty or tasteless. You can enjoy it. Forget about telling her about the status of that food when she goes to sleep. Then when she asks about it the word ‘although my wife cooked was good’ can comfort her. Next time she will try to cook more delicious.

87) Respect her desires or feelings.

88) Listen to her problem in secret and try to solve it.

89) Do not regret what you expect from your spouse after marriage. Ask her out well if she is no longer absorbed in the connection. She will definitely try to accomplish it. If she still can't, be patient for Allah (God).

90) Just admit it when you do something wrong and apologize to her. Of course her love will increase.

91) Do not point out to her the mistakes made in the past.

92) Husband should handle silence when wife is angry She will calm down automatically.

93) The wife may be more educated or less educated than the husband. When she asks us about something she does not know, "Don't you even know this?" Then you can approach her properly and lovingly without insulting her. So that the love she holds over us will increase.

94) It is common in marriage to have problems between the mother and sister of the husband. In that case, it is not proper for the husband to lean on the side of his mother and sisters. Our wife is the one who has come to trust us. It is therefore necessary for both parties to stand as a mediator and resolve the issue. It is incumbent upon the husband to make them aware of what is wrong and to unite the two parties. It is essential that the husband has the energy to do so.

95) If you are invited to a party, you can take your wife with you. You can take her with you, especially for your family dinners. It will cause your family to respect her.

96) It is better for the affluent to set up a house alone after marriage without living with their family or the wife's family. Is it not possible to leave them in a separate home, meet them, and maintain their affection forever, as the saying goes, “Leave, meet, and cultivate love”!

97) The woman's heart is very, very tender. But it is a great sea. Inside it you can find innumerable goodies like love, kindness, peace, beauty, mercy, love, affection. It depends on the skill of the taker. So it is not the husband's duty to instill such virtues in his wife!

98) Just because you do not like some of your wife's qualities, thinking of changing her as you wish, is like thinking, "No ribs should be bent, I will straighten them." If you think and act like that, it will only go so far as to break those bones. Similarly, when a husband thinks of adjusting his wife to his liking, it can lead to divorce.

99) Allah (God) has taught a Dua (Prayer). ”O Allah (God)! Give me comfort in my wife and child”, so we should not fail to listen to this Dua (Prayer) all the time. We should be happy when we see our wife. The beauty of the wife is not caused by color. If there is personal pleasure in seeing her, that is the beauty that the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said.

100) Finally I would like to say one of the most important, women who are engaged to be married are those who have the intention of finally living with a particular husband. The only woman a husband should love his wife. On the contrary, having sex with fake girlfriends is a massive betrayal of his wife.

Whenever he has a fake love affair, he loses his peace of mind. The real man is the one who lives to the end with a woman who can trust him. Usually women do not like someone easily and are determined to live with him till the end if they want to. Men are not like those who think that they can divorce a married woman and marry another. Divorce is a thing of the past. But what about the living conditions of divorced women? Consider the plight of their parents and siblings. Every man who divorces for no reason should think about what your situation would be like if this happened to your sister or daughter.

❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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