When i fall in LOVE with YOU, i WANT it to be REAL

 When i fall in LOVE with YOU, i WANT it to be REAL

There won't be any hesitation, no one will question it. When i fall in love with you, expect to have our nikkah (Marriage), too. It will be done through the way of those pious men and women before us, and it will be in a way that pleases us, but, more importantly, pleases God.

We'll explore the world, and we'll explore each other.each step we take on our journey, it'll be a step more in our hearts. We'll visit places we've never been, and have a bucket list of things to do.

Every day will start with a smile, and every night will end with a kiss. Maybe people won't understand this, or maybe they'll think it's silly, they won't understand that i need my love for you to be halal (Accepted), i need it to be so good that i'm proud of how i love you.

When i fall in love with you, it will continue while we're married, each day, we'll pray to have God fill our hearts with more love and sincerity.whatever we do, it will be done in the Name of God, and whatever we do will be to make us better, together.

We will remind each other to pray each day. You'll wake me up for fajr (Morning Prayer), and after you come home from work and take your nap, i'll wake up you up for maghrib (After Evening Prayer).

When i make breakfast, you'll know that i love when you come up behind me, and put your arms around me, and tell me good morning with a little kiss on the cheek.

You'll be good to my parents, and my sisters and brother will love you. They'll look at you, and then look at me, and say, Ma sha Allah (All Praise To God).

When i fall in love with you, and you fall in love with me, i hope you know what you're getting yourself into. i'll be good to you, i'll do everything i know how to do just to make you happy, but i expect the same,and nothing less. my heart isn't a toy, and won't be played with, but when i fall in love you, i know you'll know the rules. I know that when i fall in love with you, whoever you are, you'll be mine,and i'll be yours, i look forward to falling in love with you, but until then, i'll keep my eyes open, hoping to see you someday soon."


❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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Anonymous said…
Your amazing
Anonymous said…
Masha Allah
Anonymous said…
Stunning. All the best
Mohammed said…
If it's real let it be halal for us ... keep posting articles like this😃😃
Mohammed said…
If it's real let it be halal for us ... keep posting articles like this😃😃
Fathima said…
Great. True words👌