Sister Ask For A Blessed Marriage. Not For A Grand Wedding.

 Sister Ask For A Blessed Marriage. Not For A Grand Wedding.

Sisters these days spend more time planning their wedding in their head and all they dream or ask for is shopping, matching jwellery with gown, wedding planner, function, party, DJ & parlour packages! So much effort for a single day (wedding) but not enough preparation for the rest of their lives (marriage).

My sisters, marriage is not about dolling yourself up with icing suger or taking photos with glossy pout & seductive postures. Marriage is really not about food, functions, gifts, honeymoon, excitement and romance.

Marriage is about struggle, commitment, acceptance, trust, appreciation, compassion & compatibility.

It's that struggle which Hawa (May God Be Pleased With Her) faced together with her husband to win Allah's (God) heart to make their place in Jannah (Paradise).

It is that appreciation which Hajra (May God Be Pleased With Her) showed on Ibrahim (May God Be Pleased With Him) decision to leave her alone with the child on Safa & her humble conviction.

Marriage is that compassion which Bibi Rahima (May God Be Pleased With Her) had towards Ayyub (May God Be Pleased With Him) that everyone abandoned Him but she served Him until He got cured.

Marriage is that trust which Khadija (May God Be Pleased With Her) had on Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) when everyone rejected Him.

It is the acceptance that Sawda-bint-Zam'a presented to Rasool (Peace Be Upon Him) & His children with her warm heart.

It is that commitment & loyalty which Ayesha (May God Be Pleased With Her) had with Rasool (Peace Be Upon Him) that She starved with Him for months but never complained for once. She fulfilled her duties as such that she spread Deen of Rasool (Peace Be Upon Him) when He passed out.

It is the compatibility/harmony that Fatima (May God Be Pleased With Her) shared with Ali (May God Be Pleased With Him) inspite of their hardships & sufferings.

Marriage is all about deep sense of duties and responsibilities through which our love reflects from every angle & this is what we learn from our Mothers.

Wallahi, none of our Mothers had a grand wedding, engagement ceremony or a big reception party but they'd blessed marriage bcoz they're successful to be betterhalf of their husbands in true sens.

So sisters, be like your Mother, prepare yourself as a woman to be worth marrying & ask Allah (God) for a blessed Marriage not for a romantic fantasy.


❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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