Rights and Duties of Women in Islam

Rights of Women in Islam

In Islam a woman has a distint and a Seperate identity. She is not just an appendage of her husband.

01. The right to own property. She is the owner of her earnings. And no one (Father, husband, brother) has a right on them. She can use her earnings and properties as she wishes, with in the bounds of Halal (Accepted) and Haram (Prohibited).

02. Islam had given to women a right to inheritances. She has a cla on the property of her dead (father, husband, childless brother).

03. A women has the right to choose the husband no one can impose a decision on her against her rights.

04. A women has the right to seek a khulu (Will Separation) from her husband if their marriage became impossible to sustain.

05. A women honor is safeguarded from a false accusation if a man falsely question a women's chastity that man is declared unfit for give evidence and if he fails to bring evidence for his accusation. He should be punished by 80 lashes.

06. Allah (God) had made muslim husband responsible for their wives maintainence. The wives have all the rights to ask and can demand for her rights.

07. A women have a rights to develop her talents and to work within the limits of Islam.

08. Islam allows a non - muslim a chirstian or a Jewish women to retain her religion and her husband cannot interfere in this freedom.

Duties of Women in Islam

Islam is a fair and balanced system of life. While it specifies the right of women it also lays down duties. A muslim women is expected to observe the following.

* Belief in thawheed (Oneness) and the practice of Islam should be her foremost duty.

* She is required to maintain her chastity at all time.

* It is her duty to bring up duties according to
Islamic rules.

* She should dress modestly and put on hijab while meeting adult males beyond her close relatives.

* She is her husbands helpmate.

* If she is asked to go against the commands of Allah (God), she must defy even if her husband, father or brother (9:23).

* She is expected to look after her husband's property.

Man and women are not exactly equal in Islam, They have different physical and biological features. Islam recognise the leadership of a man over a man, But this does not mean domination.


❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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