Allah (God) Tells Us Shaytans (Evil's) Trick

Allah (God) Tells Us Shaytans (Evil's) Trick

You and i will never stop being tempted. haram (Prohibited) will always be in front of us. And it will call us. Shaytan (Evil) will promise you bankruptcy, in other words when you go down the road of halal (Accepted). Shaytan (Evil) will promise you, you're missing out you're missing out, you're missing out. You could be having so much more fun, you could be making so much more money. You could be having so much more pleasure. He's constantly going to market to you.

Alternative products. Alternative ways of feeling yourself. It will never stop. It doesn't matter how long you grow your beard. It doesn't matter how much Qur'an you memorize. It doesn't matter how much Tahajjud (Morning Prayer) you pray. None of that will matter, shaytan (Evil) will not stop.
You will still be human being at the end of the day. You will still have those desires at the end of the day. And shaytan (Evil) will not stop. He will keep going at you. And it is in those times, that shaytan (Evil), you know the tactic that Allah (God) describes of him, the psychological tactic is, shaytan (Evil) beautified their deeds to them. Shaytan (Evil) will come to you and you're tempted, to do something wrong.

And you say it is wrong, but i also do a lot of good. Yea i did mess up, but i prayed too. You know and it's not like i'm a disbeliever. So it's ok, and i'm gonna stop after this time. It's not like i'm gonna do it later. I'm just doing it this one time. You start telling yourself all of these rationalizations.
You start justifying it to yourself. In your head it's not that bad. And then of course you're around people. Who when you tell them, you know this is wrong. They also tell you, no man c'mon it's not that bad. Stop don't talk like that. No Allah (God) is not like that. Allah (God) is not gonna punish you.

Why do you gotta talk so depressing you're so extreme. And then you listen to that and it starts impacting you, and you start saying to yourself. Yea ok, you know. But that time you did it, whatever you did. Whether it was drugs or alcohol or whether it was something with someone, i don't wanna know. But whatever that was, and you told yourself it's the last time. It wasn't.
Because as soon as the last time and the guilt recovers after a couple of days, then there's another text message. Then there's another dawah (Teaching Good). You know, and you're like, No! this is the last time.
And you go through that cycle again. And you do it again. And you keep on going. This is exactly what shaytan (Evil) wanted!

As a human we must obey to God and his rules. Then only we can qualify to enter paradise. Or we will send to hell. Do more good deeds. Help people. Respect and care parents. Help homeless people. Be kind to children. Respect all. May Allah (God) protect us and show us the right path.. Aameen...


❝One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of it’s doer.❞
 [Sahih Muslim Vol: 3, No; 4665]

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